Info: Walking through Japan

Starting from the beginning of August, I will track the whole lenghth of  Japan from Hokkaido in the North, along the West coast across the main island Honshu, down to the Southern tip of Kyushu. Within four months, I am planning to cover a distance of more than 2500 km – all on foot.

My story begins with the 11th March 2011,  a  day many people within and outside of Japan have difficulties to erase from there memory – not me alone. The combined desaster of an earthquake in Northern Japan, rated 9.0 on the Richter magnitude scale, and a major tsunami right afterwards, caused great suffering for many people in Japan.

Personally, as a marketing manager for a tour operator and travel agency specialised in Japan, and the whole company, we have been affected by the numerous cancellations of our guests. In order to regain trust and confidence, I am determined to go ahead with my project, “Walking through Japan”, and find and communicate positive signals throughout my journey through Japan.

The journey is the reward! Besides, it is my hope that my physical efforts might entice some readers to come along with me via this blog on a journey throughout Japan. I promise you lots of pictures, encounters and impressions.  Also, those who follow me will find a Japan beyond Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Fuji, sushi and geishas. Japan has a lot more to offer! I will do my best to promote Japan, simply because I know and love Japan, and I want to share with everybody interested.

Starting point : 1. August 2011  from Cape Soya (Soya Misaki), the northernmost point of Hokkaido. End:  mid-December 2011, at Cape Sata (Sata Misaki) southernmost point of Kyushu.

I woud appreciate it, if you follow me on this blog through Japan , starting out in August 2011.

With kindest regards

Thomas Köhler