News, 11.09.2014

Posted by on 10 September 2014

Dear readers,

At the end of summer, more and more people will be travelling to Japan. The colouring of the autumn leaves, the seasonal culinary attractions and the Onsen, the hot thermal baths make a holiday in Japan a special treat for many. Via Facebook, we receive a lot of very nice pictures from our customers.

It has been now already two years that „Negative: Nothing“ started, and still lots of people are taking an interest. The last occasion was a screening of „Negative: Nothing“ in Interlaken/Beatenberg. We had a very nice evening, with lots of interesting exchanges, in a relaxed atmosphere. See for yourself at

I hope you enjoy a beautiful autumn season as well, and look forward to seeing you again next month. For October, we will be having some interesting news for you!

Best wishes, and take care,

Thomas Köhler