News, 11.06.2014

Posted by on 10 June 2014

Dear Readers,

Here in Switzerland it is getting warmer and warmer, finally summer is here after all!

We also were lucky with the weather at the 14th JAPANIMANGA Night. Again, as I did last year, I had the chance to do two presentations about my walk through Japan.

Last Saturday, we did our last workshop „Ready for Japan?“ before summer break. There are so many people now, who really want to go to Japan and our workshops are always full. For me, this is really something I love to do, to provide our participants with all kinds of information and advice for their trip to Japan.

When I was in Tokyo last November, I rode on the Yamanote Line for a full day, and took pictures everywhere. If this is something you plan to do as well, please take a look at the photos and explanations of the 29 stations at

Have a good time and see you again for my next blog entry in about a month!

Wish you a beautiful summer time, and best regards from Switzerland,

Thomas Köhler