News, 11.04.2014

Posted by on 11 April 2014

Dear Readers,

Aside from a few presentations and lectures on my trip „Walking through Japan“, and some preparation classes „Ready for Japan?“ I did together with Yoshi Huggler and Yoshiko Märki, I concentrated on my travel business for the last month.

In extensive consultations with our customers, we set up quite exciting routes for them, and organized their travel. It is not that everybody, who plans a visit to Japan, “just” wants to see Tokyo, Kamakura, Nikko, Hakone und Kyoto.

Actually, we do actively recommend some less known, but worth visiting places all over Japan. Of course, we follow the requirements of our customers, and show them how to use the best route to travel from A to B.

For example: It happens quite often that on our recommendation people, who visit Southern Japan, go to see places like Shimonoseki, Unzen, Yufuin, Aoshima and Yakushima.

Our new webpage, JR-PLUS, is getting more and more popular. JR means Japan Rail, PLUS stands for „additional information“. We show, for instance, that eating Fugu in Japan is not dangerous at all. More on that topic you will find at Fugu.

Another of our suggestions concerns Kojima (Okayama prefecture), which is famous for its high quality jeans production. More about that at Kojima-Jeans.

For me, it is Japanese jeans only, since I first fell over them!

Best wishes, have a good time, and see you around,

Thomas Köhler