News, 11.08.2013

Posted by on 10 August 2013

Hello everybody, and good to see you!

My last weeks have been full of sunshine – finally I found some time to enjoy summer in Switzerland! In spite of the long working days I spent at the office, I met a lot of new people at the garden parties I got invited to.

This month also is the time to announce the details for our “We Love Japan Tour”, which starts at the 4th October. More information about that please find at

Well, and Suipon was born this month!
After the tragic events following the earth quake and tsunami of March 11th, 2011, Thomas Köhler walked 2.900 km through Japan, to express his sympathy and feeling of solidarity with the Japanese people. It is almost exactly two years now, that on 1st August 2011 he started for his five months hiking tour through Japan, from Northern tip, Cape Soya on Hokkaido, till the most Southern point, Cape Sata on Kyushu.

Me, SUIPON, I am very much familiar with Thomas’s story, because I read all the newspaper stories, I saw his interviews on TV, and listened to him at the radio. Of course I also watched the impressive documentary „negative nothing“ (more information about it at Every day I read the entries on his blog along his project „Hiking through Japan“ and studied them carefully (these blog entries you find here

Being SUIPON, I am capable of jumping right into photos and images, and really experience what has happened then in the past! With my heart beating for both, for Japan as well as for Switzerland, I actually fell in love with this project „Hiking through Japan“, and I wanted to know more about it.

So finally I asked Thomas, whether it would be OK for me to jump into his images, and to relive this time from 1st August till 31st December together with him.

Thomas went „sure, you are so kind and cute that I would not be able to say no to you. I will be happy to respond to all your questions regarding “Hiking through Japan”.
So we just settled upon the very easy rule „one image a day goes with at least one question Suipon may ask Thomas“.

SUIPON’s daily pictures you also will find at Facebook
or at

The Japanese translations for SUIPON will be done every day by Yoshi Huggler.

I wish you a very good time until we see each other hopefully again next month!

Best wishes from Switzerland
Thomas Köhler