News, 11.06.2013

Posted by on 11 June 2013

The weather in May this year was dreadful – but my mind was in spite of this
sunny and warm, because of the many very happy and positive encounters and
lots of interesting work. .
On 24th May, I went to the North of Germany together with my father, as on
the next day our documentary “Negative: nothing”,
was shown in public for the first time in Germany at the 14th Japan Film
Festival in Hamburg. Jan Knüsel, the co-producer of “Negative: nothing”, and
company attended the festival as well. It was a really memorable German
premiere, I met a lot of interesting new people and we had a really good
time in Hamburg.

The next day, me and my father moved on to Berlin, the birth place of my
father. We spent an intense couple of days in the German capital, and my
father told me a lot of old stories and about his past.

In Switzerland, happily more and more people are interested in travelling to
Japan. Therefore, Yoshi Huggler, Yoshiko Märki and me thought it might be a
good idea to offer a small workshop for those who want to spend some time in
Japan. Yoshi Huggler will teach Japanese culture, Yoshiko Märki will do
Japanese language classes, and I will tell everybody, who is interested, how
to travel in Japan. Our fist workshop was on 1st June, with lots of people
attending, and therefore a big success. The next one we will offer at the
beginning of September.

Also in May, my brother finally went to Japan for the first time. He found
Japan really fascinating, and enjoyed his trip very much.
He took a lot of very good shots of the Shinkansen, which you can see at the
following websites

He is very positive that this was not his last visit to Japan!

Further on, I had the chance to write in “News Digest” about seven places in
Japan, which are special to me. All seven I chose I passed through during my
hike through Japan. If you are interested, please have a look at

Now I wish you a pleasant sunny month of June, and would be happy to see you
again at this website in July!

With my best wishes from Switzerland,
Thomas Köhler