29.12.2011 Kagoshima

Posted by on 29 December 2011

On my way to Minamiosumi I paid a visit to Mr. Yamauchi (pic. 2). Masahiro Yamauchi, who also was at yesterday’s dinner, told me about his music hall and barber shop, and because I was very curious, he showed me. When I took leave, I moved on into the direction of the sea. I had been following the coast line for more than two hours, when I met Mayumi Ishii and Rie Kawagoe (second last picture). They had come from Miyazaki to give me some presents, and to wish me well for the last days of my journey. Thank you very much! I was really moved by their kindness, and found it hard to say good bye to them. I was nearing my today’s destination, when a car stopped in front of me, and the people inside (last picture) brought me sweet potatoes and tea, together with their best wishes for me. Again, thank you very much! On the last kilometers, I did an interview with Mr. Yoshiyuki Kamikubo of Minami Nihonshinbun newspaper, and later in the evening one for Mr. Shigeki Hiroe of Kyodo News. Both have been very friendly, and so I looked back on a beautiful and intense day.

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Today’s calendar:

Weather: Sun and clouds, 11° C

Distance: From Kanoya to Minamiosumi

Accommodation: Onsen Hotel

Positive: Nice encounters along the day

Negative: Nothing

Today’s quotation: If dancing is not your favorite occupation, then don’t make others dance in your place