27.12.2011 Kagoshima

Posted by on 27 December 2011

In the morning I took a short stroll through the city of Miyakonojo, and passed by the town hall. There, I met Mr. Okazaki (pic. 2), who welcomed me, and provided me with some local specialties of Miyazaki. He wished me well for the few remaining days of my journey, and I felt really grateful and happy with this short encounter. Thank you very much for your support! I continued into the direction of Kagoshima prefecture, crossing its border from Miyazaki around noon time. From now on, there remain only a couple of days until I reach my destination.

Thanks a lot to Rolf Müller (KOTOBUKI) and Tetsuo Igarashi, who will arrange for my accommodation at this last leg of my journey. I am very glad that now, for those last long distances, I don’t have to start looking for a bed for the night late in the evening. Thank you both for your restless efforts!

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Today’s calendar:

Weather: Sunny, 11° C

Distance: From Miyakonojo to Osumi

Accommodation: Ryokan

Positive: Met nice people

Negative: Nothing

Today’s quotation: If you can’t climb over a wall, try to imagine what might be beyond