27.11.2011 Yamaguchi

Posted by on 27 November 2011

Markus Fischer, family man, three kids, who had already booked two trips to Japan in my office, and who is today a good colleague of mine, did not content himself any longer with just reading my blog. He sent one e-mail, bought himself a ticket, and in a heartbeat found himself in real Japan. At 8:55 a.m. we met at Masuda station. What a joy, what a reunion, and so many things to talk about, so happy-go-lucky we even headed into the wrong direction. After about four kilometres Markus asked me “Where is the sea?“ I replied: „For sure not around here, let’s go back!“ That we did, and according to my today’s sentence “A detour also will take you to the right place,” we took the right route across the prefecture border from Shimane to Yamaguchi. After dark we reached the pretty Kougetsu Ryokan in Susa-an, and enjoyed a delightful dinner, and a tea ceremony afterwards.


Today’s calendar:

Weather: Sun and clouds, 17° C

Distance: From Masuda to Susa

Accommodation: Ryokan

Positive: Visit from Markus

Negative: Nothing

Today’s quotation: A detour also will take you to the right place