25.11.2011 Shimane

Posted by on 25 November 2011

After I had been walking for about two hours this morning, I suddenly saw a woman standing next at the side of the road (pic. 2), a little flag of Japan and of Switzerland in her hands. She greeted me in a very affectionate manner, and told me that she has been following me on my way through Japan in my blog every day! We exchanged a few more words, and then she wished me well, and gave me some very tasty cookies on top. Another of those really heart-warming encounters, which a special for Japan, and really make me feel happy. Thanks a lot! In the afternoon, when I went up to a gas station and asked the attendant about available accommodation nearby, he could not find me a place in spite of all his efforts. Therefore, I decided to move on, and to sleep in my tent tonight. But when I almost had reached Misumi harbour, the attendant (pic. 3) came after me in his car, and wanted to take me to a hotel that was a bit further away. He thought that it was too cold for me to sleep in a tent. I told him that this would be no problem for me, and we said good-bye. Thanks for your help! When I inquired at the harbour about a place for the night, and was asking a couple, they invited me home after a few sentences. I was treated to a delicious dinner, and we talked the whole evening. Mr. and Mrs. Sakamoto (last picture) told me a lot about this area and its history. Thank you very much for your hospitality! Another nice evening in Japan I will never forget.


Today’s calendar:

Weather: Sun and clouds, 10° C

Distance: From Hamada to Misumi

Accommodation: Home-stay

Positive: Met again very friendly and helpful people

Negative: Nothing

Today’s quotation: Fear is sometimes based on nothing but imagination