15.9.2011 Akita

Posted by on 15 September 2011

This morning it took two cans of coffee for me to at least try to wake up after an almost sleepless night. The whole night long it had been very hot inside my tent, so I fell asleep only wide after midnight. The day was very hot either, and I made only slow progress. Suddenly, I had only three more kilometres to my today’s destination, I found some representatives from Akita Tourism waiting for me. They welcomed me (pics. 2 and 3), and gave me some provisions for the road – thank you very much! Arriving finally in Nishime, at the rest area, I decided not to stay another night in the hot tent. Instead, I booked a night at something you could call the local sauna, which has no beds, but is open 24 hours, and you can use all facilities for 2.500 Yen – that includes breakfast (pics. 4,5,6,7,8), and the use of the Onsen.

In the Onsen, two policemen, Mr. Zenichi Sasaki and Mr. Masato Sato, took an interest in me (second last picture). Mr. Masato Sate made a contribution of 1.000 Yen for my travel purse, and treated me to a drink – thanks a lot for that! We had a nice talk, until both gentlemen had to go in order to make it in time to a meeting, and took leave. Next Mr. Kaoru Konno, of Yurihonio City Hall came up and treated me to beer and Sake (last picture). Very kind, really, Mr. Kaoru Konno, and Mr. Susumu Watanabe, I did not know what to say! When Mr. Konno had left, Mr. Zenichi Sasaki and Mr. Masato Sato made a second visit, and came with a delicious dinner for me! Thanks a lot! My exhausted spirit was gone in no time, I enjoyed the delicious meal, and a beer.

Today’s calendar:

Weather: Sunny, 32 °C

Distance: From Iwaki to Nishime

Accommodation: Sauna (see pictures)

Positive: Meet a lot of kind people

Negative: Very hot, a tiring day

Today’s quotation: You don’t have to be rich to flourish!