16.8.2011 Hokkaido

Posted by on 16 August 2011

The rain washed down without stop today again, so I adjusted my clothing accordingly, and took off. As agreed with Mrs. Sakai, a nice lady I met on Facebook, she and her husband would come up from Asahikawa to meet me today. No chance that she would miss me, with my colourful hat (painted by Mrs. Tokuko Uneme). We sat down to enjoy a bowl of tempura udon noodle soup together, and they left me with lots of presents (pics 2 and 3). Mr. and Mrs. Sakai, thank you very much! After that I continued into the direction of Naie. Once in Naie, Mr. Kumagai bestowed on me lots of foodstuff, and arranged for me a very decent accommodation at a very reasonable price (last picture).

Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those people in Germany, Switzerland and Japan, who went out of their way to help me, and will continue doing so.

After one month in Japan I can say with full justification that it is no problem to travel in the land of the rising sun. I will follow my road with joy, and the words „Onwards, Japan, ganbare Nippon!”

Today’s calendar:

Weather: rain, 23 °C

Distance: from Takikawa to Naie

Accommodation: ryokan (typical Japanese hotel)

Positive: Met Mr. and Mrs. Sakai

Negative: Nothing

Today’s quotation: I makes no sense to wait for the rain to end, just accept it!